Life In Alaska

Welcome to life in Alaska, from a local.

I lived in Juneau, Alaska from the age of 8 years old until I had to give up my residency in 2019. That’s 14 whole years! I grew up there, some of my family still lives there, I worked there.

I want to share with you all the incredible paradise that Alaska is. I want to be your go-to when you’re thinking of making the move to Alaska. I want to help you find travel ideas when you’re planning your summer cruise to SE Alaska. I want to be your guide to the best hidden treasures that Southeast Alaska has to offer.

I am an expert in Southeast Alaska tourism. I spent 4 years working for the amazing Temsco Helicopters in every position possible (except for pilot of course, you’re welcome.) I have close friends who are in the whale-watching industry, the fishing industry, the gold-panning industry, ziplining, guided hiking, float planes, you name it. Here is your new hub for everything to do with Southeast Alaska tourism.

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Hiking in Southeast Alaska: Trails, Gear, Time To Go

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